Automatic buildbot verification

Miklos Vajna vmiklos at
Thu Oct 2 08:48:49 PDT 2014


So we have this nice buildbot verification feature, and I imagine that
in the long run it would be nice if all commits going into master would
make use of it. Fear not, that's just my *long term* vision. :-)

(Unless you say that the current infrastructure is not capable of too much
traffic at the moment, and recommend to use it only for changes which are
likely to be problematic on some platforms.)

I guess a first step would be to have a mechanism to support the
following workflow:

1) Developer pushes to gerrit, somehow marking the change as "I'm
already confident with this, just pushing to gerrit so that I can do
build verification".

2) Build verification happens.

3) If the change is "marked somehow", then it also gets automatically

Question is what would be the best to mark these changes. Should we use
a specially named "topic" for these changes, and reserve that name for
this purpose? Or should the developer just +2 the change? I'm open to

(As far as I see you can't trigger buildbot verification on draft changes,
also, then it wouldn't be possible to easily see such pending changes of
others, I guess.)

For 2) and 3), I guess that's not really a problem, once we agree on how
to mark these "just to be verified" changes, then a simple script can
trigger buildbot verification for the "to be verified" changes, and at
the same time can merge he verified ones (let's say the script would
listen to the gerrit change stream, or so).

Any ideas? ;-)


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