Anti-Virus vendors & warnings

Luke Deller luke at
Wed Oct 1 06:28:47 PDT 2014

On 01/10/14 19:55, Michael Meeks wrote:
> Ideally we could find a reproducer that we could check during configure
> and print out:
> 	"You have a (typically) rubbish AV product installed -
> 	 please un-install and or disable it" ;-)

I think this is not about AV products being rubbish.

The LibreOffice source contains over 100 test documents named CVE-*, for 


These appear to be documents which target known security vulnerabilities 
in LibreOffice or other software.

I have experienced build failures on Windows caused by "real time 
protection" antivirus software blocking access to such files.  It would 
seem to be quite reasonable for antivirus software to do that.

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