VS2013: improved C++11 conformance

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Sun Oct 12 23:47:14 PDT 2014

> * deinstall VS2012 after installation of VS2013

Ah! But it is known that uninstalling various versions of Visual Studio is
a very vague and complicated operation. I am not at all convinced that the
end state of the machine is identical to what it had been if only Visual
Studio 2013 had been installed.

> * install VS2013 on a new machine only

OK, *that* is the situation for which we need to be sure that building LO

If it does now (it did not for me some month ago when I tried;
unfortunately I don't have that machine available any more), then I am not
opposed to switching to VS2013. Quite the opposite, I am all for it!


> I noticed though, that if i install VS2013 on a new machine only, some
> parts from
> VS2012 seems to be installed as well, but apparently not used.

And even if they are, as long as said parts of VS2012 *always* then are
present after an installation of VS2013, it doesn't hurt if they get used,
does it? Time will tell.

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