Build error using boost :etonyek library, does not property

PICCORO McKAY Lenz mckaygerhard at
Mon Oct 13 11:17:56 PDT 2014

I have error building the etonyek library, i enabled on config script the
--disable-weffc option at configure, and also i used the lasted 0.0.4 with
compatibility patch for boost, or i have a missing library in my boost

how i can made built with glib 2.24, boost 1.42 and libc 2.7, here the
build error here:

libtool: compile:  g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../.. -I../../inc
-I/usr/include/libwpd-0.9 -I/usr/include/libxml2 -DNDEBUG -g -O2 -Wall
-Wextra -Wshadow -pedantic -c KEYShape.cpp  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/KEYShape.o
KEYShape.cpp: In function 'std::deque<libetonyek::<unnamed>::Point,
std::allocator<libetonyek::<unnamed>::Point> >
libetonyek::<unnamed>::rotatePoint(const libetonyek::<unnamed>::Point&,
unsigned int)':
KEYShape.cpp:140: error: 'two_pi' is not a member of 'm'
KEYShape.cpp:140: error: expected primary-expression before 'double'
KEYShape.cpp:140: error: expected ',' or ';' before 'double'
KEYShape.cpp: In function 'libetonyek::KEYPathPtr_t
libetonyek::makeStarPath(const libetonyek::KEYSize&, unsigned int, double)':
KEYShape.cpp:310: error: 'two_pi' is not a member of 'm'
KEYShape.cpp:310: error: expected primary-expression before 'double'
KEYShape.cpp:310: error: expected ',' or ';' before 'double'
make[5]: *** [KEYShape.lo] Error 1

Lenz McKAY Gerardo (PICCORO)
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