[Bug 45168] Add Option to crop (reduce size of) Images in PDF Export

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--- Comment #10 from Fernand <sos at pmg.be> ---

Thanks for the interest  to improve LO to make better (more professional) PDF.
IN LO we ca do everyting needend to produce high quality documents, books,
magazines etc. The link to Professional printers is still PDF.
Here we are talking about the storing of images in the resulting PDF.
2 options:
Full Image who permit to re-edit this image in the PDF.
Cropped Size off the Image who delivers smaller PDF

Resampling is a separeted thing and can now allready been done when using the
API and macro to produce the PDF (filter options).
But The Resampling is not present in the current GUI and can been ussefull as

I Suppose there can been more done to make smaller, leaner PDF also

Storing, a PDFdocument as a Image (not a OLE object) in LO documents would also
been a greath improvement !



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