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Tor Lillqvist tml at
Tue Oct 14 07:04:42 PDT 2014

> i wonder if there's a buggy OpenCL driver on that Mac that needs to be
> blacklisted somewhere?

Somebody else was wondering the same earlier this week. But there isn't
such a large variety of OpenCL drivers (or whatever the correct term is) on
OS X. Either or code is sliughtly buggy, or there is a bug in Apple's
OpenCL implementation that manifests itself when the code happens to
execute on a specific OpenCL device (i.e. the CPU or a specific GPU). But
the OpenCL driver version number as seen by our code is the same in all
cases on a certain OS X version, I think. Not sure if we can blacklist only
based on OpenCL driver version, or also specific driver+device combinations.

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