[Bug 64975] FORMATTING: autoIndent for Chinese should be two characters

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--- Comment #6 from Jiero <lililjlj at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Kevin Suo from comment #5)
> In version 4.3.2, set first line indent to "2 字" or "2 ch" will work.
> If you want all your documents do be indent 2 chars, please set your "Text
> Body" style and save it as default template.
> (I realized that "字" should be “字符" here. Translation has been revised and
> will be reflacted in 4.3.3 release. So start from version 4.3.3, input "2
> 字符" or "2 ch" instead)
> As this easy workaround, set "Importance" to "Medium Normal".

Hi Kevin,

I don't get 4.3.2 installed yet; as in default, your test run can be little

Yes, I agree it is an easy hack but problem isn't solved by changing the
translation. It was a dirty hack assuming the user ONLY work with text size 12.

Auto-indent works well actually, on Japanese language which have one glyph as
indent. All we need is an added rule to get it up for Chinese. Locate the code
and hack it, sorry, I'm still not looking up the codebase myself as Im lazy to
learn coding (and lazier to be in a project) while it impress me this bug - one
complained by thousands as a major headache/denial to Chinese users over years
is not fixed. Ha, stupid Chinese just won't do anything but translations and
bug reportings. How smart :S


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