[Bug 30732] Character formatting not retained in entries of TOC, table lists, etc.

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--- Comment #33 from Harry Chapman <harry.rhc at openmailbox.org> ---
(In reply to Tobias Lippert from comment #32)
> Hello Harry,
> I have explicitly included only a few selected character formats. There
> might be users who would rather not have the highlights in the table of
> contents.
> Unfortunately, I do not know who decides which formats should be applied in
> the table. If you find out, and get a positive feedback, I can help to add
> the functionality. :-)
> Tobias

Hi Tobias,
Thanks for your response! Yeah I understand that transferring the highlighting
wouldn't be ideal for everyone - I thought that as it's the default behaviour
on MS Word it wouldn't be too controversial, but it's definitely possible that
people might get up in arms about it. I'm not really involved in the LO
community so wouldn't know how to gauge opinions on this...

I know it would probably be a lot more work, but I guess the ideal situation
would be for each sort of character formatting to be able to be turned on and
off in the settings of the TOC index. Or, alternatively, you could have a check
box to turn on and off the transfer of *all* formatting. Just a thought ;)

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