[Bug 32664] Keyboard volume keys don't work when LibreOffice is in focus

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Thu Oct 23 10:43:48 PDT 2014


--- Comment #52 from Wormbo <wormdotnospam at online.de> ---
The multimedia keys still get blocked by LibreOffice v4.2.5.2 on Windows 7
Professional x64 SP1 with all latest patches.
Tested by opening LibreCalc while having foobar2000 open in the background and
pressing the Play key - nothing happened. Clicking the taskbar or Windows
desktop or unfocusing all LibreOffice windows in any other way returns control
of global multimedia keys back to foobar2000.

I also tested Media Player Classic and XMPlay. Interestingly, they are not
affected - they can also be controlled while a LibreOffice window has the

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