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Hi Tommy. Thank you for checking.

> not correct, the 4.2.x branch will have a new 4.2.7 update (the last) in a
> few days. then the official END-OF-LIFE is expected by 19 2014
> see: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan#4.2_release

I assumed 4.2.7 was out already as (1) I already got a 4.2.7 update on Ubuntu a
few days ago and (2) the release plan states that 4.2.7 should have been out by
the 26th of October (yesterday).
So I am sorry if in fact 4.2.7 is not officially out yet, I just had two good
reasons to believe it was.

> please do not mess things removing/adding MABs without knowing the exact
> procedures.
> that bug which is reproducible in 4.2.x has to stay in the mab4.2 list (I'm
> gonna put it back there) and will moved to the mab4.3 list only after the
> official EOL of the 4.2.x branch
> the mab4.2 to mab4.3 migration will be done by QA people by that time.

I am aware of the the "exact procedures". I have participated in MAB transfers
before. In the wiki, the following is written:

"If there are no further releases of a LibreOffice version (or “branch”; e.g.,
3.5.x), we close the MAB tracking bug for that version, and move all remaining
MAB listed for that version to the MAB tracking bug for the next version – you
do not need to do that yourself."

I assumed 4.2.7 was out, therefore I knew there was no further release for the
4.2 branch. I then asked Kevin to nominate that bug in 4.3 MAB as this is what
should be done according to the wiki (no use of adding a MAB if no extra bugfix
version is planned). This not me starting a "migration", even though I think we
should get cracking on that before the 4.2 EOL as MABs hanging out here after
4.2.7 will have no visibility at all (and, once again, it is what is
recommended on the wiki).

Thank you.

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