minutes for call about new testing hardware

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 28 09:13:41 PDT 2014


here are the minutes for the call of the new testing hardware.

present: cloph, moggi, Florian, Norbert, Matus, Alex, Caolan

* virtual or real hardware?

** options:
*** cloud
**** spot pricing?
***** can be shut down randomly
*** another server
**** similar configuration to existing server

** cloud good for services that are not important (Cloph)
*** no need to run everyday and don't care if they are shut down
*** about c3.8xlarge on amazon (32cpu, 60GB): ~480 $/month
(reserved/guranteed if running 24/7 - ~0.62$/hour) + 4289$/year - so
more or less the same (Cloph)

** real hardware
*** about 800€ for a 64 core, 256GB memory machine (Florian)
*** could be conntected to the remaining infrastructure

** mixed environment ?
*** real hardware for important parts
*** leave room in budget for cloud infrastructure
**** fuzzing might be a good candidate for cloud spot pricing
*** consensus that this is best solution

* how to handle requests for VM to implement new ideas? (Norbert)
** how to get access?
** we have gandalf (Markus)
*** hopefully upgrade to SLE 12 soon, therefore being able to build
libreoffice again
** additionally want to have at least one VM for doing crazy stuff
there (Markus)
** talk to the ESC if you want to use them (Markus)
** board is the wrong target for these decisions (Markus, Norbert)

* need test if hardware is fast enough? (Florian)
** 5x VM resources as upper bound to get below one day for crash
testing (Markus)
** no need, hardware should be fast enough, surely faster than now

* is there room with the selected hardware for cloud instance in the
budget? (Norbert)
** hardware around 10k/year
** budget 15k
** there is still room for cloud infrastructure if necessary
** no need to run to the board for small changes

* services running on them?
** crash testing
** performance testing
** fuzzing
** maybe some tinderboxes with special tests
** VM for crazy ideas

AI: check for the price (Florian)
* expected 2-4 weeks
* ping Cloph, Alex, Norbet, Markus when hardware is available

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