Realtime collaboration tools in LibreOffice? when?

- mrmister001 at
Wed Oct 29 15:13:10 PDT 2014

Hi everyone, I'd like to point out a subject that perhaps people is not 
having in mind for future versions of LibreOffice. I mean real time 
collaboration tools.
It would be great I can have several people working with me in the same 
Writer document, or the same Base table or the same spreadsheet.
I guess this need a lot of programming work, and I sincerely don't have 
the skills and don't know how to do this, but this scenario is real and 
very useful for many professionals and companies.
I'd like to open my Writer and have a chat window in which I can chat 
with my work colleagues, and talk about ideas or stuff for my report or 
things I need to know for a work I have to do for the university or my 
Base need support to allow many users be working (at once) with the same 
database and all its forms, reports, queries and tables without getting 
the data corrupted.
It would be great you create a Base file, you share it in Windows or 
Linux, and many people in their computers, access via local-network to 
that file, open it, and insert records in it, in real time.
Of course you can configure a MySQL server to do that, and connect it 
with Base, but the cool thing would be Base be a real multi-user 
environment instead having to mess people installing stuff.
Well, I think this is necessary and important topic, and I just wished 
to share this idea with the community.
Having a chat window is necessary, because OPTIONALLY, I could log in, 
and create a chat window and talk with people, or even doing a direct 
chat or a direct conference thru my IP.
Just imagine people working in the same building and talking among them, 
whilst they have open Base or Writer or Calc. They won't have to use 
phones, or take the elevator to ask other people, they would have 
everything in front of their screens.
I'm sorry, but I think this is necessary. Very, necessary.
As far as I know Microsoft, don't have this stuff in Office 2013

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