minutes for call about new testing hardware

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 23:34:01 PDT 2014

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 11:05 PM, Thorsten Behrens
<thb at documentfoundation.org> wrote:
> Norbert Thiebaud wrote:
>> With VAT you are at 7995e, without storage or bandwidth. that leave
>> you with 1344euro net-VAT for storage and bandwidth. even with a cap
>> of 1GB per month of bandwidth that leave us with 1.4TB of storage and
>> you get a tie...
> Still, interesting to see that -- give or take a few dollars or
> SPECints or GBs -- AWS is competitive even to generous hosted offers.

The hosted price is based on general public price. It is not taking
into account any special deal that the said generous hoster may or may
not extend to us.
So yeah AWS can be  competitive with hosted solution, it can even be
way more interesting for _some_ usage pattern, like if you have a
process that can fit the spot-instance restrictions, which we indeed
considered and _is_ part of the mix.


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