[Bug 35862] "Increase font" and "decrease font" could work even if the selection contains differing font sizes

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Wed Sep 10 02:15:15 PDT 2014


--- Comment #24 from jim <jimc at priorycomputers.com> ---
As the function is to "Decrease" or "Increase" font size it should do 
what it says - that implies it must NOT change all characters to the 
same size!
I gather then that "Impress" could annoy me a LOT?

The button could be disabled if a multi sized string is selected because 
it is likely to be a little used feature but if it exists it could be a 
useful feature for some.
The button should be disabled if one of the character sizes couldn't be 
increased or decreased further - ie if pressing it would not provide the 
expected function.

Thinking further it could be handy for changing font size if I had a 
whole paragraph with a bold/large header line - great now that's 
embedded in my expectaion when I hadn't considered it before.

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