I am new employee, with VS problem

Juergen Funk Juergen.Funk_ml at cib.de
Wed Sep 10 03:16:02 PDT 2014

Hi all,

My name is Juergen Funk I am 48 years old and have 15 years 
experience in C/C++ (VS). 
I'm for a month in the company of CIB, my new job is 
to support them (writer).

First of all, my English is very bad, but I'm trying 
do my best, so the same excuse if I do not always hit 
the right tone. 
Hope you can understand me.

Now my problem at the moment is to try do build the VS solution but 
I get follow

	juergen at heiznix /cygdrive/d/src/lo/lo-core
	$ make vs2012-ide-integration
	cd D:/src/lo/lo-core && (LC_MESSAGES=C D:/Dev/cygwin/opt/lo/bin/make cmd="D:/Dev/cygwin/opt/lo/bin/make -npf Makefile.gbuild all" cmd || true) | D:/src/lo/lo-	core/bin/gbuild-to-ide --ide vs2012
	make[1]: ***.  Stop.
	Solution LibreOffice:
	juergen at heiznix /cygdrive/d/src/lo/lo-core
	$ LC_MESSAGES=C D:/Dev/cygwin/opt/lo/bin/make cmd="D:/Dev/cygwin/opt/lo/bin/make -npf Makefile.gbuild all" cmd | D:/src/lo/lo-core/bin/gbuild-to-ide --ide vs2012
	Solution LibreOffice:

I have make the build in the "core" and build all of them, the last 
command look like okay, but the solution in the "lo-core" directory 
has the follow entry

	Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 12.00
		GlobalSection(SolutionConfigurationPlatforms) = preSolution
			Unit Tests|Win32 = Unit Tests|Win32
			Integration tests|Win32 = Integration tests|Win32
			Build|Win32 = Build|Win32
		GlobalSection(ProjectConfigurationPlatforms) = postSolution

and in "bean" directory is not a solution, I have found the Bug 70414 
and the last comment say fixed, what is wrong in my case?

Thanks for your help,

PS.: I build the whole stuff with the "Windows Build Dependencies-docu" 
     but my mainly problem was the make file. I have installed in 
     /opt/lo/bin but always used automatically the make file in /usr/bin.
     I'm a beginners with Linux and then needed help to find out the 
     problem, after that it work very well. 

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