this commit requires full rebuild on Mac OS X

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Fri Sep 12 06:55:18 PDT 2014

just a quick heads-up, since this is rather exceptional nowadays:
pulling this commit requires a "make clean" on Mac OS X; just doing an
incremental build is very likely to fail!

On 09/09/14 13:29, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> New commits:
> commit 6492c8576e0393f7ee548cd938e84c80e8d37127
> Author: Tor Lillqvist <tml at>
> Date:   Tue Sep 9 10:44:56 2014 +0300
>     Make the "Mac-like" or "canonical" app bundle structure always used on OS X
>     In other words, only executable files go in the MacOS folder. Dynamic
>     libraries and bundled frameworks (i.e., LibreOfficePython), and
>     nothing else, go in the Frameworks folder, and all other files go in
>     the Resources folder.
>     Especially, note that Java class files and rc (.ini) files also go in
>     Resources.
>     Such an app bundle structure is what Apple strongly suggests one
>     should use, and it has been hinted that future versions of code
>     signing and/or Gatekeeper will require such a structure.
>     There is still some ugliness thanks to traces of the historical
>     separation of URE from "the office". Like there are two separate
>     "unorc" files, one for URE, one for the LibreOffice application. IMHO,
>     this should be cleaned up, but is probably controversial.
>     (Eek! I now see there are actually *three* unorc files in the app
>     bundle. Not intentional. Need to fix that later.)
>     Change-Id: Idcf235038deb5b8e1d061734993e9f31869b7606

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