LibreOffice Weekly News #5 waiting for reviews

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at
Sat Sep 13 01:07:30 PDT 2014

"All OS X tinderboxes require a fresh build"

That is not news.
I mean even if that were true, that would be true only for the few
hours after the concerned patch was pushed.. by the time someone read
that it si completely obsolete.. and in general of no interest to
anyone but someone operating a tinderbox.. which by then surely knows
about it.

"Some news for OS X builds"
" if no explicit --with-macosx-version-min-required configure flag is
explicitly used" -> drop one of the 'explicit' here (or even both :-)

"Yet 7 new contributors to the LibreOffice project! Welcome to them!"
"We welcomed 7 new contributors to the LibreOffice project:"

In general I'm not sure about the section about when people posted
their license statement and when they posted their first patch...
for one thing having patch in _whithout_ a license is 'not a good
thing(tm)'.. so we should not brag about it :-)


Wanted: team coordinator dead or alive (preferably alive):
That one is just a wish but... I'd rather we do not talk (in good, bad
or neutral) about AOO in LWN, as much as possible.

note: references 51-58 are missing

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