MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.4 requires MySQL Connector/C 6.1.4

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at
Tue Sep 16 19:52:49 PDT 2014

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 12:27:49AM +0200, Robert Antoni Buj i Gelonch wrote:

> Within the ANNOUNCEMENT file of MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.4 says that the
> connector now is compiled and linked with Connector/C 6.1.4 rather than
> with libmysql. For that reason, I wonder if we can add MySQL Connector/C
> 6.1.5 in the external libraries as a MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.4 dependency.

We've been - on and off - trying to use the MariaDB native (that is,
C) client instead, which is supposed to be compatible and which we do
have as an external. The inclusion of it as an external was seen as a
first step towards getting progressively rid of MySQL Connector/C++.

However, twice I switched back to using libmysqlclient (which is AFAIK
another name for "MySQL Connector/C") because of bugs or
incompatibility in the MariaDB native client; however, the MariaDB
native client developer is *very* responsive in dealing with issues I
throw at him :) He already dealt with the latest one (from 9

So, we could:

1) Have another try with MariaDB native client right now by including
   the patch for CONC-104

2) Have another try with MariaDB native client right now by updating
   our external to the "full" trunk revision 149.

3) Include libmysqlclient as an external.


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