Correction ==> Building a debug version of calc to be used in Visual Studio 2010

nicholas ferguson nicholasferguson at
Tue Sep 16 04:16:57 PDT 2014

Goal:  Visual Studio 2010, where I can fully debug calc with an ability to
compile individual files from library sc, and all of the libraries that are
linked to sc.


State of affairs:  via cygwin64, I can build Libreoffice, in a release mode,
with symbols, and open a LibreOffice.sln with 338 projects in Visual Studio




(1)What steps must I do to get autogen.input feature:


to work? 

When I use that option, running 'make' always fails.  I suspect because some
link dependencies are getting built in release mode and create a conflict.

                Do I need to set specific features in autgen.input that will
support -enable-dbgutil


I saw an email that 'make dev-install'  would do what I want..but apparently
that has been deprecated.


My dev env:


A git clone of Libreoffice from trunk.

Windows 7, SDK 7.0A, DirectX SDK, MSBuild, Visual Studio 2010 Pro (trial




With these options in autogen.input, my build does finish










After a good build, I run

make vs2012-ide-integration  ( I edit the file to work with VS2010)


And then I can open LibreOffice.sln in visual Studio 2010.





I can't get this optional feature of configure to work



My build fails.  I suspect because many of the lower level librairies get
built in release mode.and create a conflict.










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