Jan Holesovsky kendy at collabora.com
Wed Sep 17 05:39:37 PDT 2014

Hi Nicholas,

I suggest we stop with thread and start anew - is that possible?

I am sorry that you are having trouble building with --enable-dbgutil on
Windows.  I used to maintain a tinderbox that had this setting on, to
avoid bitrot, but then switched that to --enable-debug (so that it can
be tested by wider user base), so I don't think we have a tinderbox that
would force buildability of LibreOffice on Windows with
--enable-dbgutil; if you need that, you are on your own.

Having said that; why do you need --enable-dbgutil specifically?  Where
did you get the suggestion to use --enable-dbgutil?  For normal
development, --enable-debug should be enough, and also it will give you
faster builds + runtime.

My suggestion would be to change --enable-dbgutil in your autogen.input
to --enable-debug, then do make clean, and make.

FWIW, master has been broken on Windows in the morning, but since the


it should be OK again (or at least is for me with MSVC 2012).

All the best,

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