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Thanks. There is an English language issue.  Your points #1 and #2... I
don't understand what you are referring to

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On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 08:25:39AM -0400, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> But don't answer an email.. where the intent of the msgs is that if I 
> follow your suggestions..I 'might' get a build

In that case you wouldnt have an answer right now. Also note that the answer
certainly did already provide lots of helpful hints. In fact, much more than
can be expected as there was quite a lot of information missing in the
original post (which is -- unfortunately -- expected, given the complexity
of the issue).

Ranting vs. an developer that provides help is generally not appreciated,
Even less so when trying to create diversion by bringing in the employer of
the helping hand in the discussion, which is way off topic here[1].

Feel free to continue to ask questions here and we will try to help out as
best as we can. If you need support beyond that, there are multiple
companies that can offer you L3 support, which is explicitly not something
this mailing list will, can or should ever provide[2]. 



[1] And somehow trying to construct a special responsibility of RedHat
    employees for troubles on a competing operating system to the offers by
    the employer is downright rediculous.

[2] One alternative is to become a valuable upstream contributor -- there is
    quite a lot of motivation to go an extra mile helping someone old or new
in the
    project, if there is a clear indication of a benefit for the project in
form of
    expected contributions or improvements. If so, it would be very helpful
    learn what is being worked on and how that will benefit the project.

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