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Fri Sep 19 01:42:59 PDT 2014

On Thu, 2014-09-18 at 19:22 -0400, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> I don't understand.

	You wrote:

>> If I send you my notes, could you tweak your vs2012-ide-integration,
>> to a vs2012native-ide-integration ( or any name you choose) so that
>> we could generate those projects?  

	I parse that as: "if I send you some notes - can you turn that into
code changes for me ?".

	And I reply:

> 	Well; the best way is to send a patch of your own. We love
> patches =) developers talk code really.

	A patch is a representation of a code change; normally a unified diff -
ie. please do the code changes yourself, no matter how small, and send a
patch in. You can generate that easily with: git diff -u

	In general; it is more helpful to interact by asking a specific
question to clarify your understanding.

	In general it is also polite netiquette not to top-post, and to cut the
context of the mail to the minimum necessary for the discussion.

	All the best,


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