[Bug 84090] Speed up oox::TokenMap by removing unnecessary maUniName OUString

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--- Comment #3 from Siddu <sidchelseafan at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> This task is about removing maUniName from include/oox/token/tokenmap.hxx
> which stores the same content as maUtf8Name in another form and is used
> mostly for debugging purposes only.
> Where TokenMap::getUnicodeTokenName was used, one can use
> TokenMap::getUtf8TokenName
> Remove maUniName from struct TokenName, that struct can then also die, and
> do following simplifications / adaptations.
> We used to spend 10m pseudo cycles in TokenMap constructor, this should save
> about a half of that.

1.Do I have to replace the method getUnicodeTokenName with getUtf8TokenName in
2. After removing maUniName what do you mean the entire struct i.e TokenName
can die ?

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