Chained Text Boxes - Cleaning up code before incorporation to master - Are we okay with changes to #i119885#?

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Sun Sep 21 22:30:20 PDT 2014

Matteo Campanelli wrote:
> remember when we decided to remove several lines of the type "Size
> aMaxSize(100000,100000)", "nWdt = 1000000"...
> because they interfered with checking that a page overflow occurred?
> (I'm referring to the changes in this commit
> <>
> in particular.)
Hi Matteo,

mmh - so nope, I'm afraid that will likely break things in master, so
I'd prefer if we fix that in the branch. First thing to do is to run
all tests (including make slowcheck and make subsequentcheck). If you
played with all applications, and are reasonably certain no observable
behaviour changed, of course we can merge that (after giving some
advance warning here on the dev and QA list).

And thanks for digging into this again!


-- Thorsten
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