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Caolán McNamara caolanm at
Mon Sep 22 02:27:22 PDT 2014

On Sat, 2014-09-20 at 04:39 +0200, Jan Hubicka wrote:
> /aux/hubicka/libreoffice2/core/sw/source/core/inc/rootfrm.hxx:54:0: warning: type ‘struct SwRootFrm’ violates one definition rule [-Wodr]
>  class SwRootFrm: public SwLayoutFrm
>  ^
> /aux/hubicka/libreoffice2/core/sw/source/core/inc/rootfrm.hxx:54:0: note: a type with the same name but different bases is defined in another translation unit
>  class SwRootFrm: public SwLayoutFrm
>  ^

Is it possible to get the context of the include chain in the warning as
well ?

> /aux/hubicka/libreoffice2/core/sc/source/ui/Accessibility/AccessibleDocument.cxx:1380:8: warning: type ‘struct ScVisAreaChanged’ violates one definition rule [-Wodr]
>  struct ScVisAreaChanged
>         ^
> /aux/hubicka/libreoffice2/core/sc/source/ui/Accessibility/AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx:849:0: note: a different type is defined in another translation unit
>  struct ScVisAreaChanged
>  ^
> /aux/hubicka/libreoffice2/core/sc/source/ui/Accessibility/AccessibleDocument.cxx:1382:27: note: the first difference of corresponding definitions is field ‘mpAccDoc’
>      ScAccessibleDocument* mpAccDoc;
>                            ^
> /aux/hubicka/libreoffice2/core/sc/source/ui/Accessibility/AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx:851:39: note: a field with different name is defined in another translation unit
>      const ScIAccessibleViewForwarder* mpViewForwarder;

That at least is far more clear cut and fixed now.


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