[Bug 66754] Remove own implementations of various Perl functions in installer

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> Some Perl knowledge is needed for this Easy Hack.
> solenv/bin/modules/installer/systemactions.pm implements for example
> create_directory() that can be exchanged with standard Perl's make_path()
> [http://perldoc.perl.org/File/Path.html].  Similarly other functions there,
> for which standard (or widely used) implementations exist.
> What needs to be done (in the create_directory case; but similarly for more
> functions there):
> Find all Perl scripts that use create_directory:
> git grep '\<create_directory\>'
> Edit all those that are Perl (end with .pl or .pm) so that you add use
> File::Path qw(make_path); at the top and then instead of create_directory()
> calls, you use make_path().
> Then, remove the create_directory and create_directory_with_privileges
> declarations / definitions.
> As the last step, make sure that everything builds & packages still :-)

Hi jan
can we keep that  create_directory and implement make path in it.
and remove  create_directory_with_privileges ,

need a breif explanation :) thanks

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