LO 4.3 build broken (related to bnc#891663)

Jean-Baptiste Faure jbfaure at libreoffice.org
Tue Sep 23 13:10:24 PDT 2014


The build of 4.3 branch fails on the following unit test :

[build CUT] sw_ooxmlimport
File tested,Execution Time (ms)
assertion failed
- Expression: textNextRowTop >= imageTop + imageHeight

(all other test files in the unit test pass)

Reverting the commit 2a632bb30f78f02042ce333d426468087639305b (handle
docx's w:anchor layoutInCell attribute (bnc#891663)) fixes the problem
for me on Ubuntu 14.04 x86-64.

I did only an incremental build from commit
5454eb2c9acc5404333ede541f9c431e1a99694e (five commits ago). I will try
a complete rebuild this night.

Best regards.
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