#4 can someone spot problem with simplebootstrap_cpp.cxx

Wols Lists antlists at youngman.org.uk
Wed Sep 24 05:15:43 PDT 2014

On 24/09/14 01:27, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> As the wikipedia explains, many businesses encourage top posting...like for
> blackberry etc.. so I had no clue there was a community of regulars around
> lists...that would give a vehement reaction if their email netiquette was
> not followed.  European right?

Well, I did say that, as an American, you're probably in the minority
here ...

And top posting is fine on a corporate lan, or when SOMEBODY ELSE is
paying the bill :-) But a lot of people here are private individuals.
And a lot of people still pay for the internet by the minute, or by the

In other words, every time you don't trim, you're wasting other peoples'
money. And time. And disk space. etc etc.

Doesn't actually bother me now. But I used to be in that situation, and
I have every sympathy for people who are still there.

Oh - and by the way - a lot of the best programmers grew up in the days
when resources were scarce. They learnt that conserving resources was a
far better strategy than throwing resources at the problem. In fact,
throwing resources at it (even if possible, oftentimes it isn't) can
easily make matters worse. Don't waste other peoples' resources, don't
waste your own resources, and you'll turn into a better programmer
(Linus is on record as saying "the best programmers are all lazy. They
can't be bothered to do it twice so they get it right first time").


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