Top posting vs posting styles

TomW tomwebb at
Wed Sep 24 07:11:52 PDT 2014

On 2014-09-24 08:04, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> Here's Wikipedia:
> "While each online community differs on which styles are appropriate or
> acceptable, within some communities the use of the "wrong" method risks
> being seen as a breach of netiquette, and can provoke vehement response from
> community regulars."  And further it says that community regulars citing
> breaches of netiquette will cite rfc1855... But wikipedia says that rfc1855
> is informational only.
> This Wikipedia page also mentions that many businesses encourage top
> for blackberry etc.. And because of widespread use of top
> posting at businesses ( think office email ) bottom posting is now rarely
> seen.


Different mailing lists have different rules for posting.  It is like visiting a foreign country, you have to obey their rules, not the one's on your home turf.

If one was to bottom post on most Microsoft sites, one would get flamed so bad that Norbert's rebuke would be just a light slap on the wrist.


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