[Bug 39625] Make existing cppunittests work

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Fri Sep 26 00:16:45 PDT 2014


--- Comment #18 from Tobias Madl <tobias.madl.dev at gmail.com> ---
So for further information, i now removed all occurrence of testshl. But i
still can't close the ticket, because on one hand there's the
/sal/qa/systools/test_comtools.cxx test, which only runs under windows, so sb
with a windows maschine has to fix this. (Suggestion to change the ticket to a
windows dependency ticket). On the other hand theres the
/unoxml/test/domtest.cxx test, which is running at the moment, but still not
with all tests in it. The problem, described in this ticket: Bug 84237 , has to
be solved befor this tests can be used, or the tests have to be removed.

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