[Bug 53920] EDITING: Data Validity Cell Range not being applied to multiple selected cells

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Laurent BP <jumbo4444 at yahoo.fr> changed:

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--- Comment #13 from Laurent BP <jumbo4444 at yahoo.fr> ---
I tried to debug what is happening at closure time after OK click.

in sc/source/ui/view/cellsh2.cxx:928
 pTabViewShell->SetValidation( aData ); 
should copy ValidationData to all selected cells. 
But in sc/source/ui/view/viewfunc.cxx:1092
function ScViewFunc::ApplySelectionPattern(
creates aFuncMark with
 ScMarkData aFuncMark( rViewData.GetMarkData() );
aFuncMark.bMarked should be true but is set to false if visible tab is not
where selected cells are (in debugger, forcing it to true avoid the bug).

I tried to force to apply tab modification after
 pTabViewShell->SetTabNo( nTab );
with pTabViewShell->PaintExtras(); but it has no effect.

So I propose to avoid the bug by just switching back tab earlier: at RefButton
shrink box closure. In commit 11560, 
I propose to:
- switching back tab in ScTPValidationValue::RefInputDonePostHdl 
- remove unnecessary switch back tab in cellsh2.cxx

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