gbuild-to-ide incompatibility with make 4.0

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Sat Sep 27 12:10:56 PDT 2014

On 26/09/14 17:30, Peter Foley wrote:
> While looking at the gbuild-to-ide script, I noticed that almost all
> of the regex broke due to the below change in make 4.0.
> * In -p output, .RECIPEPREFIX settings are shown and all target-specific
>   variables are output as if in a makefile, instead of as comments.


> I'm wondering if it would be fine to require make >= 4.0 to run this script?
> Otherwise, two sets of regex would be needed, one for make 4.0+ and
> one for older versions.
> I'm going to try to get the script to work with make 4.0, but it would
> be easier if I don't have to worry about old make versions.

for Windows, developers need to download GNU make anyway, and i don't
think it's a problem if we require a Win32 GNU make >= 4.0... i don't
have the time and inclination to support non-Win32 GNU make anyway :)

but for the other platforms usually only GNU make 3.82 or even 3.81 (on
Mac, iirc) is available on the system, so if we require >= 4.0 then that
means another thing that has to be installed manually, which is probably
not a good direction to go in...

(and yes, i'm also unhappy about the needlessly ugly and inefficient
directory dependencies in gbuild to keep GNU make 3.81 support alive)

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