LibreOfficeKit bits ...

nicholas ferguson nicholasferguson at
Tue Sep 30 06:15:35 PDT 2014

>	Sure sure - so; that's not -so- hard. You basically want the
equivalent of liblibreoffice I think - which currently works on Linux only >
but is >      easy enough to tweak for Windows with a bit of work / thought
I think.

 [nicholas ferguson] 

I found a sample of working an excel sh in sc/qa/unit/filters_test.cxx  and
there is a loadDoc in sc/qa/unit/helper/qahelp.hxx and cxx

My question... How do I transform filters_test.cxx  into a console app,
where filters_test.cxx would have a point of entry, a main function.

When I try that..a console app gets hits with a series of aborts, undefined
function ErrInfo::IsA... Or env not properly set, and does not result in a
useable app.

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