[Bug 34555] Make cropping handles for images (as in Draw/Impress) available for all LibreOffice applications

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Tue Sep 30 09:17:46 PDT 2014


--- Comment #47 from Barry Broom <bbroom at ipmail.org.uk> ---
Hi Sushil,

I only got as far as figuring out how to add a crop button to the relevent
toolbar. I did not get an event to fire to run some code after the button was
pressed. You will need to edit this XML file for the toolbar. It's pretty easy
to understand: /core/sw/uiconfig/swriter/toolbar/graphicobjectbar.xml.

Since my son was born I don't have any free time to write code. Best of luck! I
have assigned the bug to 'default' so you can take it. Cheers.

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