examples to manage docs using LibreOffice as a major component

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Most open source code repositories, would upload to a github, samples.  Here with you...you tell me "well this is how lots of folks went about before you, Nicholas, to discover how to do this...good luck...and have a good time.  They were skilled programmers and understood how to tackle the ocotpus of LibreOffice.  And by the way, I can tell you that I also did.  So it can be done, and I won't send you samples, because you would ask me questions, and what the heck, I have to make monies. And oh. I feel your pain."

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On Tue, 2014-09-30 at 14:57 -0400, nicholas ferguson wrote:
> I didn't understand your answer.  I think you said you would not give 
> me the samples of turning a cppunit test into a standalone executable

	All the code is there in public, in front of you; I've given you pointers into it too for the bits you want.

> And that first you want to see some contributions from me, to the 
> LibreOffice code base.... patches...

	My concern is investing a ton of time doing work for you on a corner case that will not result in any improvement for the project =) Phrase that as you like.

> If I missunderstood your things... can you then tar up an example and 
> send it to me.

	If you look at the several code pointers in my previous mails, and compare those paths with the files in the master source code tree, you'll have the best I have. There is no magic repository of closed code anywhere here; no-one (that I know of) has done this before - apart from the several examples that live in-build-tree or in-install, as explained.

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