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On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 5:50 PM, nicholas ferguson
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> I think that is a bad idea.  A good idea is to turn on anti virus where work is done.

I personally try to stay away from Windows, but I understand that it's
important for us to give Windows users a choice of office suite. If I
do have to work on Windows, then yes, anti-virus software can be a
useful tool.

> you can't tell developers to turn off their anti virus when working on windows.  That’s  crazy talk

I don't think anyone thinks it's a *feature* if Norton Antivirus
screws-up LibreOffice builds, but by documenting the problem, we're
saving other people the time and pain of running into the same
problem. If you think that LibreOffice should build under Norton
Antivirus on Windows, feel free to file a bug about it:


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