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On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 5:19 PM, nicholas ferguson
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> Wow.  So I did a forensic on the env.  And I discovered that Norton
> Antivirus was isolating state files and some executables being built by the
> LibreOffice build system.  So I asked Tor..hey..what brand of antivirus do
> you use?  I'll switch over.  He had turned his off too.
> So that alone took two to three weeks.  I even had to resort to buying a new
> machine...devoted to libreoffice.  $300 machine.  Trying to solve why my
> builds were failing on windows.

It sounds like antivirus software may cause problems with Windows
builds. That's useful information. Could you please document the
specifics on the wiki?

Right now, I don't see anything mentioning "anti", "virus",
"symantec", or "norton" on that page, so it's quite possible that the
next person is going to run into the same problems you did. Let's nip
that one problem in the bud.


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