[GSoC] Haskell UNO Language Binding - Weekly Report 11

Jorge Mendes jorgecunhamendes at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 09:08:41 PDT 2015


The past week I've been improving the code generator program and the
code that is generated. Now the Haskell code generator is more like
cppumaker. The generated code doesn't use
"rtl::Reference"/"css::uno::Reference" to keep interface references
any more, and I have taken some steps to have "Sequence< T >" handled
as lists in Haskell (got "Sequence< OUString >" to "[Text]" working).

There still are some issues to solve:
 - A small part of the code that should be generated is still
handmade. This should be fixed this week, as it doesn't require much
 - Some C/C++ pointers are not freed/deleted, while others are handled
by the Haskell run time system (using ForeignPtr). This is also on my
TODO list.
 - The use of interfaces is still a bit tricky. In some places it
requires a "uno2cpp.mapInterface(...)", while in other places this
crashes. I will look into this during this week.

Also, many UNO IDL entities are not yet converted to, or handled in,
Haskell. I'll also try work on this front a bit.

Kind regards,

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