<ahelp></ahelp> - Extended tips in Helpcontent & VCL + Glade

Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at libreoffice.org
Sun Aug 23 04:37:44 PDT 2015

Hi all

Just playing with a new linux master build today and I found that the

<property name="tooltip_markup" translatable="yes"> bla bla bla</property>

of a widget in a UI dialog, edited by Glade, indeed acts like an
extended tip (<ahelp></ahelp>) for help content for the widget, provided
the "extented tips" in Tools - Options - General - Extended tips" is

In other words, it is possible to have extended tips moved into these

The benefits I see are

* Have the text of the e.t. in the UI and facilitate translation job

* fix the e.t. of the wikihelp.

The issues I see are

* a quite large work of moving e.t. from helpcontent to UI.

* An impact in the translations of the UI (not sure it can be automated).

* when unmarking Extended tips in the Options, we loose e.t. of toolbars
and other non-Glade UI objects.

* by filling the tooltip_markup property, e.t. are always enabled in a

The last two may require an Option of e.t for toolbars and another
Option or dialogs. bin/lint-ui.py can be adapted to check if the widget
have a e.t.


Olivier Hallot
Comunidade LibreOffice

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