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julien2412 serval2412 at
Fri Dec 11 15:44:31 PST 2015


I'm giving a try to tdf#44854 "Upgrade bundled HSQLDB to 2.x".
Would it be possible to upload the repackaged file from
http://localhost/serval2412/ to ? (md5 =
40cc60070acaa2d49193b3abd15e560e, no need to prefix the file with it)

I repackaged it just to have this:

instead of this:
(like we have now for hsqldb-1.8.0)

For the moment, I just succeeded in:
- adding a flag ENABLE_HSQLDB2 (since experimental) +  building the package
- Creating a brand new file with a table
I haven't yet tested the rest but had already a crash when opening then
closing the table of the new file.
So of course, it's just the very beginning of it.


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