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Tue Dec 15 05:38:17 PST 2015

On 15/12/15 07:50, jan iversen wrote:
>> Let's just drop all of Base in 6.0. Split it off into a separate project. Databases is a big enough area to have its own application suites. We don't include email, photo editing, music production, or electronic design automation in the LibreOffice "suite" either, to mention a few areas that would equally "naturally" and "usefully" fit in.
> Dropping it sounds hard, we should replace it by a generic interface, allowing our code to do sql operations, and third party can instanciate the interface to their pet db.
>> (Just my personal opinion. I don't expect anybody to actually agree.)
> Surprise, we are (at least) 2.
Given that I want to write a MultiValue (NoSQL) database for LO from
scratch, what happens then? SQL is not the preferred interface :-)

But I was thinking a bit along those lines, and actually having a
database as part of the Document Foundation would be nice, but it
wouldn't really fit as part of a monolithic office.

NB - my idea is what I *want* to do. It seems a bit pie-in-the-sky at
the moment :-( Michael knows my personal situation which does rather get
in the way a lot :-(

However, if anybody wants to muck in and help, I've got the bulk of the
design laid out in my head - I just need a bit of help to get started,
and lots of time (which gets taken away from me at the drop of a hat :-(


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