Formatting _Numbering/ordered list_[Bug 42788]

noseeba Al kindi noseeba1 at
Wed Dec 23 02:25:37 PST 2015

I am solving this bug:

I checked the MS office and it have the same problem appear there just
that they have a longer indentation which let the issue start at
number 18. Moreover, they make the numbering alignment to the right by

so I think the best behavior is to change the default setting to be:
numbering alignment to the right and increase the indentation.

On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 12:03 PM, noseeba Al kindi <noseeba1 at> wrote:
> Dear,
> I am new on solving bugs and this is the first bug I choose. I go
> through the documentation of this issue and I found that it could be
> solved by changing numbering alignment to the right. Another solution
> is that when the length of the Roman number is longer than the
> indentation, the whole list should be shift to right which give enough
> space to contains the longest Roman number appear in the list.
> I am not sure what is the right behavior here.
> I am waiting for your reply.
> Thank you
> Nusaiba Al-kindi

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