Regarding #tdf89175 android: Password protected files

Alex F alexfongg at
Wed Dec 23 04:37:35 PST 2015

I recently worked on #tdf88389 and thought I'd try something related to the
c++ code base this time. To get an idea of what's going on when the android
client opens a passworded file, I tried setting breakpoints on related
methods to step through the code.

I placed some breakpoints on the documentLoad method in
core/desktop/source/lib/init.cxx as well as the documentLoadNative method
(and more) in core/desktop/source/lib/lokandroid.cxx in AndroidStudio but
the lldb debugger misses the breakpoints for some reason.

Tried doing the same using gdb but I didn't manage to locate the above
mentioned methods. I'm not that familar with gdb so maybe I missed something

Been using the following settings in autogen.input to build LO after a make

Not quite sure where I went wrong. Hope someone could point me in the right
direction. Thanks!

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