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Tue Mar 3 04:47:15 PST 2015

Hi. My name is Rishabh Kumar, a second year undergrad at IIT Roorkee, India.
I am pursuing a degree in Applied Mathematics. My contact details :
IRC nick - Rishabh , Rishabh_
Email - kris.kr296 at
            kris.kr296 at
I would like to take up the task of Reviewing the modeless dialogs & their
moving to sidebar under the GSOC 2015 as a student developer. Previously I
have worked on the following UI related bugs/features bugs-
1. #89085 (merged)
2. #64573 (merged)
3. #80758 - (not reviewed)
4. #81073 - (not reviewed)
Currently I am working on -
1. #80657
2. #82641
3. #87995
I intend to commit my changes soon . I am always available on irc for any
suggestions on my commits.

I have been working on the project idea for a some time.I intend to improve
the usability of sidebar for the applications Writer, Impress , Calc and
Draw by moving the dialogs to sidebar and reduce the use of titlebar in
libreoffice applications. LibreOffice sidebar is still not used to its
optimal capacity as it contains relatively few number of widgets in
comparison to it size and certainly ,  it is possible to add more number of
widgets to improve User Experience . To start with , I looked into the
commit which added the "Manage Changes" dialog to the toolbar . It gave me
an idea about creating controls in sidebar. I am familiar with glade
interface designing. I have compiled the list of modeless dialogs for
Insert(Main Dialog)
     (Sub Dialogs)
Table(with delete and select functionality)
fields(document,cross reference,functions)
special character
bullets and numbering
title page
auto-correct options

I will send the list of dialogs for other  LO applications soon . Pardon me
for any of the intended dialogs which I may have missed.

I am pretty confident in creating the dialogs in sidebar and if the
proposal demands , I can submit a patch which creates the sidebar dialog
for any of the above mentioned dialogs. Since this project requires more of
UI validation, I hope to get support and ideas from the community.  And
some queries-
1. Is there any particular template for the GSOC application of
libreoffice(Any examples of good proposal from previous year) ?
2. As the size of the proposal will grow with the discussion , how should I
organize it so that it is visible to everyone in the community?(I suppose
emails are not the best way).

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