GSoC 2015 - Student Introduction

Kishor Bhat kishorbhat at
Wed Mar 4 21:18:02 PST 2015


Looks like it's introduction time!

My name is Kishor Bhat, and I am a second year undergraduate in
Information Technology at the National Institute of Technology
Karnataka (NITK), India.

Ever since I migrated to Linux roughly five years ago, I've been using
LibreOffice as a replacement for MS Office. So far, no complaints! I
am comfortable with C, C++ and Python, and often blog about <some of>
my coding experiences over here.[1]

I am a FOSS enthusiast as well, and have been ever since being
introduced to the open source world in my first year of college. Apart
from tech, I love reading, playing chess and well-made platformers,
and swimming.

So, why LibreOffice for GSoC? Initially, I asked myself the same
thing. What am I doing, trying to work on such a huge codebase? Then
again, there's no time like the present.

I hope to work on the "Implement Zoner Draw Import Filter" project
mentored by David Tardon. The topic piques my interest, and to me,
symbolizes what OSS is truly about. By preventing files from being
tied to one application, and allowing anyone to open them by
converting them to a "universal" format, information can be truly

I am currently taking a look at libzmf, and working on some
preliminary format detection code for the same.

I have also successfully submitted two Easy Hack patches:
    1. Convert wpftimpress to use ImportFilter base class [2]
    2. Add key binding for BasicStepOut [3]

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and as always, if you have
any suggestions / comments, I'm all ears!

Kishor Bhat

Email: kishorbhat at
IRC: kbhat

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -

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