Interest in contributing to Libreoffice (GSOC 2015)

David Tardon dtardon at
Sat Mar 7 01:10:17 PST 2015


On Sat, Mar 07, 2015 at 04:35:53AM +0100, Amate Yolande wrote:
> Hello
>        My name is Amate Yolande and I am interested in contributing to the
> Libreoffice community for google summer of code 2015. I am proficient in
> c/c++ programming. I have successful compiled and built the Libreoffice
> source code and I am presently trying to find an Easy Hack to work on. I
> would like to work on the "Implement Xara X import filter" project since I
> have some experience with working on CAD geometry converters. I would like
> get some directives on how to get started with respect to this project.

As the first thing, you should read .

For details about librevenge::RVNGTextInterface, check the API
documentation. You should read
+enge-part-i-getting-started/ for general overview of librevenge. I have
not quite finished the next (tutorial) part yet, sorry... You can also
look at the already existing import libraries for vector graphic
formats, e.g., libpagemaker or libcdr.

There is a skeleton library at , but it does not do
anything yet.


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