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Souvik Chakraborty souvik.iitd at
Sat Mar 7 05:28:03 PST 2015

Hi Devs!

I am Souvik Chakraborty, student at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
(IITD), India, and this is regarding my desire to code for LibreOffice as a
part of GSoC 2015.

I have been coding for around 5 years, and although most of it is of the
type one would normally find in high-school textbooks, I have also
participated in and completed two hackathons (Microsoft's 2014
and 2015). At IIT, I have so far completed one course in Programming in C++
(passed with maximum grade), and am currently pursuing a course on Data
Structures with Java. Also, at my high school final exams, I secured 91/100
in Computer Science. In addition, I have basic knowledge of Python and C#.

Here, I'd like to mention that I have a particular interest in debugging
and writing perfect logical-error-free code. While some people might make
do with any sort of code that works for a few handful of test cases, I do
not. I am a perfectionist, in that sense. I often help my fellow classmates
with debugging (without using any built-in debugging environments such as
the one Eclipse offers). Additionally, I also like problem solving (with
respect to software and hardware problems), for example, I manually
disabled a trojan that had been putting up a malicious proxy server
address, configured a generic USB controller to behave like a recognized
one and rectified a situation where a plug-and-play device simply would not
be detected. This is just to assure you that no matter the number and
magnitude of challenges, I won't be deterred and lose hope or abandon my
work midway. Also, I have a 70 day summer vacation and no plans of
travelling, so I'll be available to tweak codes for long hours everyday.

At present, I have gone through the student guide at Development/GSoC/2015,
and I'm looking at some of the EasyHacks projects that I might be able to
help with to further prove my dedication to the cause. Although I have used
LibreOffice sparingly, I understand the concept of open licensing and
personally, I think such open source software have the potential to be the
best in the market. My motivations for joining this particular organisation
include the prospect of some real-life problem solving for a large number
of people, hands-on coding experience for a very well know organisation,
having my name on the developers list and obviously, the remuneration in
terms of enhancing my curriculum vitae.

This mail was just a heads up to let you know who I am and why I'm here.
I'll get back with the "bug fix" of one of the C++/Java EasyHacks, at which
point I'd formally request a place on your team for GSoC 2015.

My nick on irc is Souvik8 and I'll be writing to you from this address.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Souvik Chakraborty
2nd Year Undergraduate
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