[GSoC '15 Ideas] Finishing up on enhanced text boxes in Draw?

Matteo Campanelli matteo.campanelli at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 18:02:17 PDT 2015

Hi all,
last summer I worked on this project
for GSoC '14. Part of it was completely implemented, part was not. In
particular, the results for "overflowing-text dynamics" are still too much
of a work in progress (for a quick intro to the task and a (somewhat
accurate) summary of the current situation, see here

It would be great to finish that task and I would like to know whether you
guys think it can make a sensible proposal for GSoC '15.

If the question is "Is there enough work left to be done to fill a whole
Maybe not, but my feeling is that there is plenty of work to fill at least
half of it. The rest of the time might be spent working on a neglected part
of last year's proposal: hyphenation in Draw.

Looking forward to comments.

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