Porting to Haiku, GSoC 2015 Idea

Cedric Bosdonnat cedric at bosdonnat.fr
Mon Mar 9 02:02:42 PDT 2015

Hello Jessica,

I just saw that no one ever responded to your email. I poked potential
mentors here on our side and it seems it'll be hard for us to get
someone fully involved in the Haiku port. However, hackers here will be
delighted to answer precise technical questions to help you implement

Happy GSoC 15!


On Mon, 2015-02-16 at 19:05 +1300, Jessica Hamilton wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm one of the project maintainers for Haiku <https://haiku-os.org/>,
> and am interested in developing a port of LibreOffice to Haiku.
> I currently have a workable build system, with basic support added for
> Haiku. It's still compiling, so hard to know just how far it will get,
> although I do see libvcllo.so linked... ;-)
> However, with preparations for the 2015 Google Summer of Code already
> underway, is there anybody available that is interested and willing to
> co-mentor a student for the Haiku port of LibreOffice?
> I will make available patches of my initial work thus far, including a
> guide on building LibreOffice on Haiku.
> If I understand correctly, likely the bulk of the work will be
> implementing a Haiku native backend for the VCL library. Is that
> correct?
> And before I disappear down the black-hole of wiki documentation, what
> is the best way for me to share my work?
> Many Thanks,
> Jessica Hamilton, a.k.a jessicah
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