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Hi  ,

I am Anjali, a 3rd year student of  B.Tech Computer Science at Manipal
Institute of Technology,Manipal,Karnatake, India.I am participating  in GSOC
2015 .I am well versed in C/C++ and Java programming.I have some experience
working in Qt as well. I also have a good understanding of databases (Mysql
and Postgresql).I have worked on various projects which are as follows:


   Application for a book shop :The project was developed using Java swings
   for creating the UI and MYSQL, as the database, in the back-end. Some of
   the functionalities/highlights of the application were management of
   purchase transactions, providing information about recent book launches to
   customers and management & streamlining of traffic in book store.

   Web Application:The project aimed at creating web application using
   Oracle ADF and involved incorporating databases using Oracle Express
   Edition and SQL Developer.The project was a web based student portal
   system.This project was a part of my summer internship last year.


   An android application as a part of my academic curriculum in college.

I would love to work on the project More and better test during GSOC 2015 ,
I will really appreciate if you could provide me any pointers related to
this project or suggest a concrete task or something that I could do before
starting to write my proposal . I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


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